Catching yourself doing what you tell other people not to do

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I am a life coach and an interpreter and I travel very often for work


As a life coach I always tell people that worrying serves absolutely no purpose and does not change a thing to what we worry about and that the only person we harm while we are worrying, is ourselves. This is, however, easier said than done. Is worrying part of human nature and are there any people who never worry? Does it mean, that you don’t care if you you don’t worry?

Lets look at it from a practical point of view or take my personal example which I have just experienced and which has inspired me to write this. I am on a business trip and i am travelling home after four days of very tiring work. I don’t travel home on a direct flight, I have to connect in a big city and according to my ticket I have a two hours lay over. When I get to the airport though, I am informed, that the first leg of my trip is delayed because of bad weather conditions and this could have fatal consequences to my onward journey. The way it looks, I could actually miss my flight and not make it home today.

Panic sets in, I really want to go home today, all alarm light in my conscious mind go on and my subconscious mind informs all my senses. And then the life coach in me takes over:

  • What is the worst thing which could happen? I miss the flight and the airline has to put me up in a hotel, I get time to relax and a free visit to a city which I haven’t visited in 20 years.


  • Will this matter in a year? No, absolutely not, I will have another story to tell at a dinner party table . One day in a whole lifetime is really no big loss.


  • Will it matter to anybody if I come home today or tomorrow? Yes, I am sure that my family would have liked to have me back today, but they will be just as happy to have me there in one piece tomorrow.


  • Isn’t it more important to be safe than to be on a plane which could end up in a storm and have an accident?


  • As a coach I know that when we worry, our brain releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Our body goes into fight or flight mode and our immune system and our digestif system shut down and over a prolonged period of time, raised levels of those hormones can start to have a toxic effect on the glands, nervous system and the heart, eventually leading to heart attacks, increased risk of strokes and stomach ulcers.


So when we start worrying, the best thing to do is to sit down, take a deep breath and ask yourself some reasonable questions. There is no problem which cannot be solved, it is always a matter of perception. Worrying serves no purpose and spoils the present moment; worrying makes you a victim, you give your power away.

By the way, I did make the connection and came home the same day, good thing I did not worry because I would have wasted so much energy.