The day before I was planning to travel to Las Vegas two weeks ago, I woke up to in my hotel room in New York early in the morning because I kept receiving messages on my phone. People were asking me if I am ok, and I had no idea why they were asking me that. Only when I turned on my Wi-Fi, I read about the terrible events, the shooting, the closed airport and I realised that some people thought that I was already there. At that point, no one knew what was happening exactly. I thought the conference may be cancelled but once it was established, that there was only one shooter and that he was dead, routine took its course.

I did travel to Vegas and on the plane talked to someone who had lost a close relative, I talked to many people during my stay in Vegas, and I talked to a musician on my way back about how they feel.  I drove passed the 58 little wooden crosses that had been put up near the site where the terrible incident had happened. Once thing that made an impression on me was how much people had come together, how much you could feel kindness and compassion wherever you went, the feeling that they were all in this together, that we are all in this together.

I was wondering: Why do we need mass shootings, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or hurricanes to come together? Why don’t we show empathy and compassion every day? What can we all do to make this world better every day?

We could:

  • Treat everybody the way we want to be treated
  • Ask someone how they are and wait and listen to their answer
  • Practice gratitude every day
  • Donate if we can
  • Respect nature and our environment
  • Send a message to a friend and ask them how they are
  • Spread kindness
  • Do something unexpected for someone
  • Respect everybody’s dignity, no matter what they do or who they are
  • Compliment a friend or a stranger on how great they look
  • Be kind and more patient
  • Smile more….

Could we avoid bad things from happening? No, of course not… but we could make our being together on this planet so much more pleasant. None of us ever knows, how much time we have left. Shouldn’t we spend it in harmony with each other?