Let me share a theory with you which I have developed over the years as a Life Coach. When I do life assessments with my clients at the beginning of the session, we spend some time on the wheel of life, and I ask them about the satisfaction level in all the areas of their life to find out if they are happy with the estimated percentage. Sometimes they look a little puzzled because they realize that they are not at all 100% happy in all areas of their life.  Have you ever met anyone who is 100% percent content and happy? No, neither have I. So how high should this level  be?

When you are on honeymoon after you have married the love of your life, you may momentarily be 100% happy but once the everyday routine of life sets in and you have to face unexpected challenges, this will change.

When you just landed your dream job after you have graduated cum laude from a top university your professional may be 100% perfect, again until routine sets in and there may be someone who you work with you allow to drain your energy.

When you have moved into your new dream home, you may be 100% happy with your home life but once you get used to your new surroundings and the novelty wears off, this percentage will drop.

My theory is that, if we are over 65 to 70 % happy in all areas of our life, we are on the right track. You may feel that this is a little low and of course, there is space for improvement. Attempting to be totally happy may actually stress and irritate us. Once we learn that happiness is within as, true contentment is a state of being and that our response to a situation defines how we feel and not the situation itself.

Once we start focusing on those areas which are going wonderfully well for us, then the other areas will become much easier to tackle.

Once we have established the current percentage of satisfaction, we figure out what is holding you back from it to be higher, it may be a limiting believe or fear or another reason which we can work on and remove if necessary, through my many methods of expertise

Only then can we set your ultimate level of satisfaction in all areas of your life and set chunked down goals to reach them.

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