When I was a tour guide years ago, I often travelled to countries where one has to be careful about what to eat and what to drink. Some people already asked me at the departure airport about it and during the flight again, and I could be practically sure that those were the people, who would end up being sick. They had programmed their subconscious mind that they would catch something and most of them did, whereas in all my years of travelling, I was never careful and nothing ever happens to me.

We live in a fear based reality, news coverage and social media all send a constant message that people should be afraid. Do you know people who are afraid of everything, and as soon as something bad happens in the world they immediately start to panic; people who always think of the worst-case scenario and that bad things will happen to them? Do you know that when we feel the emotion of fear, our hypothalamus gives the order to release a stress hormone called Cortisol which weakens our immune system, our digestive system and slows down our alertness? Feeling unsafe makes us feel unstable and out of balance and we become more vulnerable. Fear distorts emotions and often leads to poor decisions.

Chances that we end up in a terrorist attack are statistically 50 times lower that dying in a car crash whereas chances of dying in a plane crash are one in 11 Million compared to one in 5000 in a car or traffic accident.

What can we do to feel safer?

Believe in ourselves

By believing in ourselves and telling ourselves that we can do this, we become more grounded. We realize that no matter what comes our way, the sun will rise again tomorrow and life will go on. When we feel balanced, nothing in the world can rock our boat

Accept uncertainty

No matter how careful we are and how much we protect ourselves, we can never be totally sure that nothing will happen to us. The feeling of safety is a choice, accepting uncertainty can be very liberating and help us worry less and enjoy our life more; it helps us face our fears and do all those fun things that we want to do but have always been afraid of.

Live in the present moment

Our complete power is only available when we are fully present. What is the point in wasting the present moment by worrying about the future that is never guaranteed? What is the point of wasting the present moment by worrying about what happened in the past which cannot be changed? Being here in the now is the safest moment we will ever have that no one can take away from us.

I hope that you will always be safe.