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Safety is an inside job

No matter how careful we are and how much we protect ourselves, we can never be totally sure that nothing will happen to us. The feeling of safety is a choice, accepting uncertainty can be very liberating and help us worry less and enjoy our life more; it helps us face our fears and do all those fun things that we want to do but have always been afraid of.

Why we must come together

The day before I was planning to travel to Las Vegas two weeks ago, I woke up to in my hotel room in New York early in the morning because I kept receiving messages on my phone. People were asking me if I am ok, and I had no idea why they were asking me that. Only...

We can change the world

I get to speak to many fascinating people because of my work as a Personal Transformation Therapist (thank you Sebnem Sen), I attract those who have woken up or are in the process of waking up and understand that life does not just happen to them. These people have an...


Think positive, cultivate optimism, and choose to be happy You make life happen, it does not happen to you, attitude is everything, and life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it. We are in charge of our attitude, if you are waiting for...